Earth-Field is a project by a Cologne based producer, who already worked under different aka's. He is an active part of the Cologne music scene for more than twenty years. He has learned the basics of playing different instruments and was playing in different bands. After the band period his interest shifted to Hip-Hop and as a DJ or turntablist as well as a producer he was involved in different projects with other DJ'S or MC's.

Later his musical interest changed again, he continued Djing and producing, but with a more multi-genre approach, playing through different genres as Big Beat, Lounge, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Reggae and Dub. This brought him around 2006 into contact with new Reggae-Drum n Bass styles that followed the tradition of Jungle. He became well known in Cologne for his sets combining Reggae vocals with Dubwize Drum'n'Bass and sometimes also with live Didgeridoo.

Around 2010 he was infected with the Dubstep-Virus, so he started producing Dubstep, mostly with a Reggae influence and played that genre as a DJ, also with a focus on tracks that feature Jamaican or Patois-vocalists in general..

Now Earth-Field was through his studies of musicology introduced to diverse styles of Musique Concrete or in general music consisting of noises, be it the early period originating in France (P. Schaeffer, P. Henry...) or more up to date internationally known productions by producers such as Matthew Herbert or Matmos. This led to the new project which is dedicated to creating strong and accousticaly dense music using mostly everyday sounds and noises that he records and transforms on a digital basis. This is not supposed to be seen dogmaticly, but more in the sense, that everything will be allowed if it's seems necessary.

Another part of this concept is that the live shows by Earth-Field are live improvisations originting from the material that was being worked with in recent times.